Are washers really necessary

UPDATED: August 2, 2018

Washers are generally used for two purposes. Washers are used for disturbing the pressure of the nut uniformly  over the surface in order to prevent the surface from damage. Washers are also used to make sure that the nut is pressed against the smooth surface in order to reduce the option of loosing due to its contact with uneven surface.  Washers are used for many purposes and Round Flat Washer Supplier supplies different types of washers to the customers.

Types of Flatt Washers: There are different types of flat washers which comes in multiple shapes and sizes and are supplied by the Round Flat Washer Supplier. Flat washers are basically made from carbon steel or Stainless Steel. Flat washers are designed to be used with bolts and nuts. The main aim of the flat washer is to distribute the pressure or weight subjected to the object being bolted together.

types of flat washers

Fender Washer:  The main use of the fender washer is utilized for lighter and medium applications. The applications include plumbing repair or electrical work and also auto body repair. Fender washers are used for  installing wood paneling and for hanging drywall. Fender washers are also used for metal sheet fabrication.  When compared to the standard washers fender washers comprises of larger outer diameter.

Type A Washers: A series of steel washers are termed as Type A flat washers.  Type A flat washers functions with a different range of forbearance. Work which does not require high level of refinement utilize Type A flat washers. Type A washer sizes varies from no. 6 to 3 inches hole size.

Nylon Washers: Some applications usually prefer nylon flat washers instead of metal washers. Nylon washers comes with light weight and Serve the purpose of insulation better than that of metal washers. Nylon washers are resistant to some chemicals but are not strong. Nylon washers are available in different sizes.

Type B Washer:  Type B washers are generally high quality washers. Type B flat washers comes in different varieties and sizes. Some comes with narrow style while the other comes with wide diameter or rectangular style. Type B flat washers hole size ranges from 0 to  3 inches. Some devices where only specific quality is needed only in such devices Type B flat washers are employed.

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