An Investor’s Guide to Knowing the Different Types of Shipping Containers

PUBLISHED: May 30, 2018

The most integral part of the shipping industry is shipping containers – it facilitates ease of transport and stimulates international commercial trade. With this, shipping containers present a good investment opportunity. If you want to invest, it is crucial that you look for a reliable partner like davenport laroche investments.

Before investing, you have to know things about shipping containers so you can make an informed decision. Shipping containers are used because of its strength and storage. It can store goods and other packages during transit. Its steel body makes the goods and other packages safe from deterioration caused by outside forces. The container units depend on the structure, materials, and dimensions.

You should also know the different types of shipping containers. The different types of shipping containers are as follows:

used shipping container

Dry storage container

This is the most commonly used shipping container in the shipping industry. This type of container comes with different standard dimensions (10 feet, 20 feet and 40 feet) as recommended by the International Organization for Standardization. As the name suggests, this shipping container is used to transport dry materials.

Tunnel container

This type of shipping container has doors on each end. Tunnel container is helpful in facilitating quick unloading and loading of materials and products.

Flat rack container

The flat rack container has collapsible sides. It is used to transport different types of goods. This is one of the simplest forms of a shipping container.

Open side storage container

Open side storage container provides quicker loading and unloading of materials because it has side doors that can provide wider room.

Open top container

This type of shipping container has a convertible top. The top can be removed if the need arises. This is an ideal shipping container for carrying cargo with different heights.

Double doors container

As the name suggests, this shipping container features two doors – one at the side and one at the end of the container. It comes with different materials like iron and steel with 20 feet and 40 feet sizes.

Thermal containers

There are certain products or materials that need higher temperature during transit. To regulate the temperature, the container is made of different materials. The materials are sturdy to ensure that the containers last a long time despite the constant exposure.

Refrigerated ISO containers

For perishable goods like vegetables, fruits and other food items that need regulated temperature during transit, refrigerated ISO containers should be considered. The container boasts of controlled low temperature to preserve the goods for long distance travels.

Cargo storage roll container

Cargo storage roll container is a foldable one. It is for the purpose of moving stacks and sets of materials. The container is made of wire mesh with rollers that allow them to move easily.

Car carriers

From the name, this type of container carries the car for long hauls. Car carriers have collapsible sides that can help the car to fit securely inside the container without the risk of being damaged.

Now that you know the types of containers, it is time that you decide what you want to invest in.

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